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Video 101 getting started with Git version control part deux

These videos are a recording of a presentation made by Jeremy Skinner to introduce GIT version control to the employees of AVA and smooth the adoption of GIT as our distributed version control system.

The entire presentation covers creating Git repositories and the various basic functions of adding and modifying files, pushing and retrieving them from the repositories, branching and merging.

We have split them into 9 separate YouTube videos on this page which are also available as high quality downloads through the links underneath each YouTube video.

Jeremy Skinner can be contacted via his website: https://www.jeremyskinner.co.uk/

GIT: Seeing And Undoing Changes And Basic Configuration Options (Part 4)


GIT: Creating Branches And Switching Between Them (Part 5)



GIT: Editing Two Branches Concurrently and Merging Them (Part 6)



Other videos in this series


  • GIT: An Introduction to Git and Distributed Repositories (Part 1)
  • GIT: Making Changes and Deleting Files (Part 2)
  • GIT: Working With Others And Distributed Repositories (Part 3)

here ... Video 101 getting started with Git version control


  • GIT: Branching, Wood and Trees... (Part 7)
  • GIT: Conflicting Merges (Part 8)
  • GIT: Tools and Hosting (Part 9)

here... Video 101 getting started with Git version control 33 1/3

Other links

I came across this (in my view rather clear) explanation of how Git stores versions

Git: gc cleaning up after yourself

Here's an unambiguous approach to branching and why, especially if you have a colleague who argues about not locally committing or pushing because !its not finished yet etc."

Git the process

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