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Join a Vista PC to a 2003 domain

Joining an XP machine to a Windows domain was a relatively easy task. To improve the user experience and the chance of Vista becoming a successful operation system, Microsoft decided to move all the settings around. Here complete with pictures, is what you will see in vista.


We start with the windows button and select Control Panel


Vista join a 2003 domain 1


The generic heading we need is "Sytem and Maintenance" so click on the text.


Vista join a 2003 domain 2


This takes us to "System maintenance" and here we need to click on "System"


Vista join a 2003 domain 3


Now we are getting close to known territory: click on "Change settings"


Vista join a 2003 domain 4


Microsoft now clearly runs out of inspiration on how to change things and make them difficult to find: Here we now have a window any XP user might recognise. Click on Network ID.


Vista join a 2003 domain 5


Microsoft get a second wind: we need to click on the option "My company uses a network with a domain" and next.


Vista join a 2003 domain 7


This is the information you will need to complete the process:


Vista join a 2003 domain 8


Fill this in and we are almost home and dry.


Vista join a 2003 domain 9


If everthing goes well at this point (you have entered a valid username, password and domain name. You will be greeted with the information that your log on was a sucess and go and make a cup of coffe whilst you reboot the machine....



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This FAQ was last updated on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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