All your money belongs to them

Posted Sunday Sunday, February 5, 2012 by Ian Pettman

And they don't have to ask!

None of us want to get fooled into giving away our bank details to Nigerians, Russian or some spotty but talented 15 year old just seeing what they can do with what is available out there on the big bad bandit's part of the Interweb.

It doesnt matter if we pride ourselves on keeping our anti -virus up to date and never having any complete (important) passwords stored in any one place. Or, if we are just average users who have come to use Internet Banking because its easy and convenient and the banks have encouraged us to use it because what ever its faults, its a lot cheaper for them to run than a local branch. Then this latest edition of the BBC news magazine "click" will be quite, but not entirely, comfortable viewing. Is your Antivirus on the left hand side (good) or right hands side (a bit of a failure)?

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